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Scaldis Refermentée – Description

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Scaldis Refermentée

Introduced in 2008 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Scaldis Amber, this Triple is based on the Scaldis Amber that is then re-fermented in 75cl bottles.

The in-bottle re-fermentation produces an extraordinarily gentle and rounded beer with a natural yeast cloud. It has the characteristic taste and aromas of the Scaldis Amber mother beer. Both the splendid screen-printed bottle and the champagne-style cork contribute to Scaldis Amber Refermentée’s prestigious image.

The taste

The Scaldis Amber Refermentée has the same amber colour as the Scaldis Amber, the mother beer that is produced without re-fermentation. 

This Triple has overpoweringly fruity aromas with impressions of green apples, ‘cuberdon’ gum sweets and ripe bananas.  

After mashing, aromas of nuts and caramel are also released.

This Triple will surprise you with its balance between bitterness and residual sugars complemented with impressions of ripened fruit.

Type: Belgian Strong Ale | Color: Amber | % ABV: 12 | IBU: 25 | Plato: 24 Availability: Year round