Food pairing – Scaldis Caractère

Scaldis Caractère is a very strong beer with an alcohol content of 12%. It is an amber-coloured beer with a mellow taste and wonderfully bitter. It has a fairly powerful sweet and sour taste. It develops rich aromas of nuts, caramel and bitter orange. Scaldis Caractère Refermentée is the conventional Scaldis Caractère refermented in 75 cl bottles, and this refermentation in the bottle provides a final blend of both the aromas, which are strengthened, and the flavours of the conventional Scaldis, which become fuller.

Scaldis Caractère in cooking

Scaldis Caractère is also suitable for use in cooking. However, because of its accentuated bitterness, Scaldis Caractère is suitable only for deglazing cooking juices or as a stock to keep red meat or powerful poultry dishes moist while they are cooking. In some cases, a little sugar may need to be used to counterbalance the residual bitterness.

One idea is to add a little Scaldis Caractère to some dark chocolate which you melt in, so as to aromatise the chocolate as it turns into liquid!

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