Food pairing – Scaldis de Nuits

Scaldis de Nuits is Scaldis de Noël that has spent 6 to 8 months maturing in wooden barrels which have very recently contained Nuits St. Georges Premier Cru Burgundy. This maturing releases the wood’s tannins but, above all, it releases the aromas and flavours of this great wine into the beer. The result of this maturing gives a beer the complex tastes and aromas created by combining a strong, powerful beer (the Scaldis de Noël) and the wine residues. The mouth reveals fine acidity and the nose offers a combination of aromas both from beer (nuts, caramel, etc.) and from wine (red fruits, etc.)

Scaldis de Nuits in cooking

Like Scaldis Prestige, Scaldis de Nuits is so rich in tastes and aromas that it needs no accompaniment and can easily be enjoyed on its own either as an aperitif or a digestif. Its complexity and aromatic richness make it very difficult to use for cooking – it would be a terrible waste!

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