Cheese pairing – Scaldis Triple

Very digestive beer with a fine and light bitterness

Type: Uncooked pressed cheese / Example: Saint Nectaire

Scaldis Triple has many different flavors and aromas. The Saint Nectaire, which is a cheese with a nice complexity, very creamy, goes best with the Scaldis Triple, which also has different flavors.

Pascal Fauville

Type : goat cheese with ashy rind / Example : Sainte Maure de Touraine

The floral and fruity flavor of the Scaldis Triple is perfectly matched with the creamy, soft touches of this raw milk, bloomy rind cheese.

Harry Schockaert

Recipe: "Pan-fried cod on a bed of Keiems Bloempje mashed potatoes, topped with a mixture of woodland mushrooms and bacon a la Scaldis Triple" — Stefaan Couttenye



  1. Cook the potatoes and prepare a classic mashed potato. Add the cheese and let it melt into the hot mashed potatoes.
  2. Bring beer, fish stock and shallots to a boil and reduce to 1/3. Whip the sauce with butter in a blender
  3. Cook the bacon with the mushrooms.
  4. Cook the fish.
  5. Settig up.