The Dubuisson Brewery puts its 250 years of history, passion and know-how at the service of its beers. This is how it has built a varied range of beers, suitable for different tasting moments and answering the pleasures of all beer lovers!

With the Scaldis range, it offers pure tasting beers. Whether it is the Scaldis Caractère, the Scaldis Triple or the Scaldis de Noël, each of them has a strong personality. This is also the case for the Surfine, which is unanimously appreciated by connoisseurs, and for the beers matured in oak barrels. Finally, the Dubuisson range also includes festive beers such as Pêche Mel’Scaldis, Fram’Scaldis, Rasta Trolls and Cuvée des Trolls.

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The story of Fram’Scaldis is first and foremost the story of a beautiful encounter. The encounter of raspberry beer and Scaldis Caractère. This hoppy pleasure has existed for a long time in form of a cocktail mixing the two beers. Until one day… the brewery decided to tie the knot and… two became one : Frambush.

Launched in 2022, Fram’Scaldis is the result of the meticulous work of our brewers, seeking the perfect balance between the strength of Scaldis Caractère and the subtlety of natural raspberry extracts. A clever blend that will undoubtedly delight strong fruity beers lovers.

Speaking of strong fruity beers, the Fram’Scaldis joins the Peach Mel’Scaldis, enlarging the brewery’s range of fruity beers …. Don’t you think it’s time to meet these two?






Year round

The taste

Fram'Scaldis has a beautiful pinkish-red colour.

She as an intense raspberry nose with hints of red fruits.

On the palate you can taste the richness of raspberry flavours, with at first blush a slight sweetness succeeded by a refreshing acidity.

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