The Dubuisson Brewery puts its 250 years of history, passion and know-how at the service of its beers. This is how it has built a varied range of beers, suitable for different tasting moments and answering the pleasures of all beer lovers!

With the Scaldis range, it offers pure tasting beers. Whether it is the Scaldis Caractère, the Scaldis Triple or the Scaldis de Noël, each of them has a strong personality. This is also the case for the Surfine, which is unanimously appreciated by connoisseurs, and for the beers matured in oak barrels. Finally, the Dubuisson range also includes festive beers such as Pêche Mel’Scaldis, Fram’Scaldis, Rasta Trolls and Cuvée des Trolls.

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The Scaldis Triple was introduced in 2008.

It is a Scaldis Triple that is re-fermented in 75cl bottles. This in-bottle refermentation process makes the already very rich flavours of the Scaldis Triple explode on your tongue.

The beer comes with a natural veil of yeast and is exceptionally rounded and soft in character.

Thanks to its splendid screen-printed bottle and its champagne-style cork, the Scaldis Triple has all the cachet of a grand cru.




10,5 %


Year round

The taste

The Scaldis Triple derives its blonde colour and slight yeast cloud from the re-fermentation process.

Aromas of yellow fruits (banana and pineapple) stand out, complemented by impressions of unripe fruits.

This rounded beer has a surprising array of floral touches, impressions of citrus fruits and more than a trace of sweetness in its taste.

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