Bush Prestige

Bush Prestige is Bush Caractère which has spent 6 to 8 months maturing in oak barrels. This maturing allows the wood tannins to be released into the beer, enhancing the original Bush Caractère with additional woody aromas of whiskies, sherry and cognac. This is a beer offering exceptional aromatic richness.

Bush Prestige in cooking

Bush Prestige is so rich in tastes and aromas that it needs no accompaniment and can easily be enjoyed on its own either as an aperitif or a digestif. Its complexity and aromatic richness make it very difficult to use for cooking – it would be a terrible waste!

Beer and gastronomy

Aperitif :

  • A Bush Prestige can be shared among guests… accompanied by a few pieces of toast with pâté or with rillettes – or even pieces of foie gras.

Starters :

  • Fresh or pan-fried goose or duck foie gras
  • Smoked magrets of duck
  • Périgourdine salads

Fish / Seafood :

  • Fish in vinegar-flavoured or cold sauces
  • Cooked freshwater fish (eel, carp, etc.)

Meat / Poultry :

  • Large ground game (venison, etc.)
  • Top-of-the-range roast red meat (rack or saddle of lamb, leg, etc.)
  • Preparations including pan-fried duck or goose foie gras (Tournedos Rossini, etc.)
  • Dishes accompanied by more acidic vegetables (compote of rhubarb, etc.)

Desserts / Cheeses : 

  • Aged, crumbly cheeses (aged Mimolette, aged Gouda, Parmesan, etc.)
  • Hard cheese: Comté

Digestif : 

  • A Bush Prestige as a digestif, for all your guests to enjoy! A wonderful way of ending the meal!