1769: creation of the Brewery

Founded in 1769 by Joseph Leroy, the grandfather on mothers side of Hugues Dubuisson, the current manager, the Brasserie Dubuisson is the oldest brewery in Wallonia.

Still located on the same site and having never ceased its brewing activity, the Brasserie Dubuisson has seen 9 generations of brewers, all belonging in direct line to the same family. A long history of several centuries written around the passion for beer.


18th, 19th, 20th century: From
farm-brewery to Brasserie

Back then, the brewing activity was much more limited than today and mainly consisted of producing beer for farm workers and townsfolk. The Brasserie Dubuisson passed trough the ages and difficulties (French Revolution, First and Second World Wars) without ever stopping brewing.

1931: Partnership between the Dubuisson brothers

It was only later, in 1931, that Alfred Dubuisson decided to give up farming and devoted himself exclusively to beer production.

He then teamed up with his brother, Amédée Dubuisson, and together they took over their parents “farm brewery”, which later became the SPRL Brasserie Dubuisson Frères.


1933: Creation of “Bush Beer”

In 1933, Alfred Dubuisson, Hugues’ grandfather, created a truly Belgian connoisseurs’ beer based on the English style which was very trendy at the time. He called his beer BUSH BEER, the English translation of BIERE DUBUISSON. This beer, whose recipe has remained unchanged for 90 years, is therefore one of the oldest brands of beer in Belgium and is still marketed today.

1991: Creation of Bush de Noël

In 1991, Hugues Dubuisson began a new developmental phase for the Brasserie through the gradual expansion of the range. He created the Bush de Noël in 1991 and the Bush Triple in 1998.

2000: Launching of Cuvée des Trolls
and the first Brasse-Temps

The year 2000 marks a turning point in the Brasserie Dubuisson’s history. Mainly through the creation of the Cuvée des Trolls. This new beer, with its friendly character, quickly became a success in Belgium and beyond. This strong brand easily became the first reference of the Brasserie Dubuisson and enabled it to start the new millennium on a firm footing. It was only in 2018 that the Cuvée des Trolls brand was expanded with the introduction of the Rasta Trolls.

In parallel launching the Cuvée des Trolls, a new microbrewery concept was also developed in 2000: the Brasse-Temps. This innovative project, initially opened in Louvain-la-Neuve (in 2000), truly pleased beer lovers. It was followed by the opening of the Brasse-Temps in Mons (2003), in Tournai (2017) and in Charleroi (2022). Meanwhile, another concept of establishments was also created around the Brasserie’s beers: the Trolls & Bush taverns. Our unique Dubuisson beers are to be enjoyed in the Trolls & Bush establishement in Pipaix and Ath.

2003: Maturation in oak barrels

The year 2000 also saw the Brasserie starting to ripen beer in oak barrels. The brewery was pioneer in the matter and was the very first to experiment this kind of methods. After a limited edition launched as we stepped into thenew millennium, the Brasserie integrated this type of beer into its range in 2003 with Bush Prestige. The project was repeated in 2008 with the Bush de Nuits and in 2014 with the Bush de Charmes.

2007: Creation of the Belgian Family Brewers label

In 2007, the Dubuisson brewery took the initiative to create Belgian Family Brewers. This label unites family breweries, united by passion and craftsmanship, with the aim of promoting authentic Belgian speciality beers. All members do have a brewing family know-how for at least 50 years and can therefore entitle a wealth of experience and unique traditions.

2009: Launch of Pêche Mel Bush

Still out of fascination for beer and aiming to enrich the range of Dubuisson beers, the Brasserie launch a new strong fruity beer: Pêche Mel’Bush. A beer produced by combining Bush and peach flavour. Fourteen years later, in 2022, the brewery launched it’s little sister with the Fram’Bush brewed with natural raspberry flavour.

2013: New brewhouse
and new hop field

In order to deal with the significant increase, (volumes have multiplied by 2 in 5 years), the Brasserie Dubuisson completed a new investment programme of more than €5 million in 2013, which peaks by a brand new brewhouse and an expansion of the fermentation process, allowing the Brasserie to double its production capacity to more than 100,000 hectolitres a year. In 2013, the Brasserie Dubuisson started growing its own hop. Close to te Brasserie, a 50 hectare field was equipped with 150 masts for growing more than 880 hop plants. To increase its production quality, the Brasserie also chose to invest in greener production methods. In 2013, energy and water collecting systems were installed in the new brewhouse and solar panels were installed. In 2018, the number of solar panels were increased and in 2019, a water collection system was set up. These are just a few examples of the many initiatives the Brasserie has taken to reduce its impact on the environment.

2014: Creation of Surfine

With its freshly planted hop field, the Brasserie seized a new opportunity to enrich its range. This time, it is a seasonal beer that is introduced by the brewmasters : the Surfine, a beer brewed with our own hop.

2017: Arrival of the 9th generation

The history of the Brasserie stands at a crossroad upon the arrival of the ninth generation. Alexandre Dubuisson (2017) and Séverine Dubuisson (2018) have respectively joined the Brasserie’s marketing and finance departments.

2019: 250th anniversary of the brewery

2019 was undoubtedly marked by the Brasserie’s 250th anniversary. The Brasserie invested in a brand new visitor centre allowing our visitors to discover the craft and passion for beers. A new tavern (Trolls & Bush), an interactive museum (the Dubuisson Beerstorium) and a shop (Le Terroir des Trolls) were then honourably inaugurated by our Belgian King, Philippe.

Today: the brewery nowadays

Since its creation, and to this day, the Brasserie Dubuisson has always follewed its core values: it is still a 100% independent brewery , it produces all-natural beers, it refuses to produce label beers (the same recipe marketed under different names) in full transparency towards consumers. In simple terms, the Brasserie wants to keep full control of its own brewing process, without opting for subcontractants. The Brasserie Dubuisson believes that by respecting its values and by preserving the family passion for beer, its future projects will stay in line with what has made it successful so far. To the greatest delight of beer lovers.