Brasserie Dubuisson has been brewing your favourite beers since 1769. You already know how they taste, but do you know how the beers are made? Today, we reveal a part of the secret. Get ready to be immersed in our boiling kettle.

The boiling vessel is used, as its name indicates, to heat the wort. This malt solution is brought to a temperature of 100°C for one hour. During this time, the liquid is constantly moving. You can see this umbrella effect in the enclosed video. The movement is necessary to increase the boiling speed.

The heating process will be slightly different for every beer type. When brewing a more alcoholic beer, we will heat the wort more intensely. This will increase the evaporation effect, increasing the concentration and therefore also the future alcohol content of our beverage.

At this stage, the hops are added. These are different for the various types of beer. In the Bush Blonde and our Cuvée des Trolls for instance, we use Saaz hops. Fun fact: some of the hops are grown on our own field in front of the brewery.

The first hops are added as soon as the wort is inside the kettle. They will add bitterness to the beer. More hop is added during a later stage of the production. These hops will give the beers their aroma. For the Cuvée des Trolls an additional ingredient is added. The dried orange peels are responsible for the fruity aromas in the beer.

This process requires a lot of energy to heat the tank. At the brewery, we want to recuperate a maximum of what we consume. Therefore, the vapour released by the tank is reinjected into the heating circuits of the offices next to the brewery.

When the boiling process is finished, the beer is pumped into the whirlpool … but that’s another story!