‘Trolls Penis’ cut off, Cuvée des Trolls sends warm wishes for a swift recovery!

On June 24th, the Norwegian ‘Trollpikken’ was vandalized. Joggers were appalled to discover the famous rock scattered on the ground. At Brasserie Dubuisson the news was also received with great sadness and anxiety. We immediately decided to help our Norwegian friend!

When Trolline heard the sad news about the troll’s penis, she was in shock. The tourist attraction was found on the ground, 12 meters lower than usual. Traces of drilling leave no doubt about the origin of this catastrophe, it is indeed an act of scandalous vandalism!

The news also has a devastating effect on our ‘Cuvée des Trolls’-community. Messages of concern and anxiety immediately reached the brewery. We had no choice but the help the poor troll!

Trolline and her colleagues instantly decided to participate in the fundraiser launched by a local entrepreneur. The purpose of the project is to restore the rock to its former vigour. Next to the financial aid, we also decided to send some items to comfort the unfortunate troll. Trolline took some daring photos (it could help, you never know!) and she added a message full of hope. It’s also logical that a delivery of Cuvée des Trolls is on its way to Norway. A good blond beer will be much appreciated considering the circumstances.

Cuvée des Trolls wishes the Norwegian Troll a swift recovery. We hope to see him again soon, in all his majestic glory.

If you want to help the poor Troll, you can through this link: https://goo.gl/7qy8bq (the fundraiser already collected enough to reconstruct the rock, but the extra money will be used to build a better access to the ‘Trollpikken’.)