Surfine with Mint

Any mojito lovers out here? We created a delicious version with our Surfine! Refreshing and original, a must during your next aperitif! Ingredients: 5 à 6 feuilles de menthe 4cl de Rhum Blanc 2cl de citron vert pressé 2cl de sucre de canne liquide 17,5 cl de Surfine   Recipe: Fill your glass with ice […]


Finally! Summer is here, with rising temperatures! CoinTrolls is perfect to quench you thirst on warm summer days! This is an ideal blend between Cuvée des Trolls, Cointreau and fresh lemon juice. There really is nothing better to enhance the hints of orange in the aroma of Cuvée des Trolls. Ingredients: 3cl flamed Cointreau 1,5cl […]


Summer is coming! Time to resume our series of Cockt’Ales based on beers from our brewery. To launch the festivities, we like to present the Trolls’It! A cocktail based on Cuvée des Trolls and Grappa! This is the perfect aperitif! Ingredients: 2cl Grappa 2cl fresh lime juice 2cl sugar cane syrup 12,5 cl Cuvée des Trolls […]


Spring is in the air, the perfect time to introduce an exotic cocktail! The CocoRico is inspired by the Piña Colada and is prepared with Scaldis Blond, brown rum, Amaretto and pineapple puree. The Scaldis Blond is perfect for this cocktail thanks to the rich aromas of yellow fruit (banana and pineapple). Ingredients: 3cl brown […]

Cheers to Caramel Scaldis!

Scaldis Amber is characterized by natural aromas of caramel. Mixing the beer with tequila and caramel syrup in this cockt’ales, you will enhance that aroma. The result is a delicious treat full of sweetness. You could for example serve it with a scoop of salted butter caramel ice cream. Perfect to completely blow your friends […]


A vibrant combination created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Scaldis Blond. This beer was launched in 1998 by Hugues Dubuisson. Ingredients: 2 cl Spumante 2,5 cl Vylmer 11 cl Scaldis Blond Recipe: Fill your glass with the Spumante Add the Vylmer Pour the Scaldis Blond in the glass Taste your creation! ? Related […]

Jack says: Mix That Scaldis!

Jack said “Mix that Scaldis”! So we did… The result is a tasty mix of Jack Daniel’s, apple-cherry juice, fresh lemon juice and Bush Caractère. The hint of liquorice and the caramel flavour of Scaldis Caractère match perfectly with the Jack Daniel’s. Perfect to serve as an aperitif or at the end of your meal […]

The BushRond

THE BUSHROND ?? This is the perfect Cockt’Ales ?? for the holiday season… Cointreau, cranberry juice, lemon juice & Scaldis de Noël??? … We dare you to try this! ? Ingredients: 3cl Cointreau 4cl Cranberry juice 2cl Lemon juice 1 Cinnamon stick Scaldis de Noël (11cl) Recipe: Fill your glass with ice cubes Add the […]