A little over a month ago, we released our Cuvée des Trolls cartoon. Today, we are sharing a peak behind the scenes of its realization.  Get ready to discover how the cartoon was made and why we decided to produce it.

Since its creation in 2000, the Troll was destined to be drawn. Do you know, his face was on the very first Cuvée des Trolls bottle? Over the years, different versions of the character were created, making it the true icon of our beer. As time passed, we came up with different, funny scenarios featuring our favourite character. An animated movie, that we could easily publish online, seemed the best way to share these adventures with the world.

No less than 14 weeks were needed to make the 30-second clip. The work can be divided into two main parts:

• Pre-production (3 weeks): design of the characters and execution

• Production: draft of the cartoon, adjustment to the proportions of the characters, selecting and coloring the drawings, finalization of the sets, realization of music, …

The cartoon was made by two companies. The first, o2o-studio, was responsible for production and the project put no less than 9 people to work! (http://o2o-studio.fr/). The second company, AGM factory, had 3 people working on the post production (music, mixing, …) http://www.agmfactory.com/

All this hard work resulted in the very first Cuvée des Trolls cartoon. Brasserie Dubuisson is very proud of the result! We would like to thank the teams that worked on this project. Oh yes, before we forget… At the end of those hundred days, an additional 20 minutes were needed. To taste a Cuvée des Trolls of course and it was well deserved. 😉

Animated movie

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