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Bush Triple – Description

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Bush Triple

In 1998, Hugues Dubuisson introduced a new Bush aimed at lovers of blonde beer. The launch commemorated the 65th anniversary of the Bush Caractère, introduced to the market all those years ago by his grandfather, Alfred.

And thus the Bush Triple was born. This filtered, top-fermented beer fits into the ranks alongside the Bush Caractère and the Bush de Noël. The Bush Triple is the fruit of the same expertise and the same house yeast. However, this blonde has her own unique personality.

The use of traditional malt varieties and the well-known Saaz hops gives the beer its clear blonde colour. We see the development of a subtle, but at the same time very well- balanced, palette of aromas and tastes. The lengthy fermentation process increases the alcohol volume to 10.5%, but at the same time produces a beer that is very easy to digest.

The taste

The Bush Triple is golden blonde in colour. The pronounced aromas of yellow fruits (banana and pineapple) are complemented with flowery touches and hints of citrus fruits that mainly make their presence felt in the taste. It is a gentle, slightly bitter beer with a balanced taste.

Type: Belgian Strong Pale Ale | Color: Blond | % ABV: 10,5 | IBU: 21 | Plato: 20 |Availability: Year round