Bush de Nuits

Beer with wine-like aromas of red and black fruits

Type: unpasteurized hard cheese / Example: Mimolette made frim raw milk

A strong, complex, slightly sour beer that re-enforces the taste of strong and complex pieces of cheese with a very long finish, such as the Mimolette.

                                                                                                                           Pascal Fauville

Type: a hard cheese / Example: Ubriaco Rosso

The fruity touches of wine in the beer and the sweetness of the cheese blend in the mouth to create a new whole. The subtle sourness from the beer lends huge added value to this pairing.

                                                                                                                       Harry Schockaert

Recipe : "Paupiette of monkfish with pancetta and Ubriaco Rosso and a red butter sauce prepared with Bush de Nuits " — Stefaan Couttenye

Ingredients :

  • Ubriaco Rosso

  • Bush de Nuits

  • fish stock

  • shallots

  • butter

  • pancetta

Instructions :

          1. Pierce the monkfish in the middle with a sharp thin knife so you can insert the cheese pieces
          2. Wrap the fish in the thinly sliced pancetta
          3. Bake in the oven at 180°C
          4. Reduce a 50/50 mix of the beer and the stock to one-third of its volume. Add an equal amount of cream before reducing again by half
          5. Thicken with butter
          6. Divide the paupiettes into slices, arrange on a plate and pour the sauce around them
          7. Serve with seasonal vegetables