Brasserie Dubuisson produces 25% of its total energy needs with solar power

During the month of June, the Dubuisson brewery will double the number of photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of their warehouse. With this investment, the company will be able to produce 25% of its total energy requirements independently. The ecological and financial investment is part of a global business strategy that commenced five years ago.

The brewery is very much looking forward to the placement of the additional photovoltaic panels. This month, 1000m2 of solar panels will be installed on the roof of the new warehouse. With this investment, the company will be able to produce 25% of its total energy needs independently. Previously this was only 10%, so the brewery is taking a major step towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

As most of the activities take place during the day, the investment fits perfectly in the working routine of the brewery. Some machines however, the coolers for example, work 24 hours a day and seven days per week. This means that the entire energy production will be used to the fullest extent!

Of course, there is also an important financial benefit for the brewery. Based on the initial investment and the amounts that can be recovered on the energy bill, the solar panels will be fully recuperated over the course of the next six years. In addition, the brewery also benefits from specific aid through green certificates.

The investment is part of the company’s ecological plan, as the installation of the solar panels is not the first effortof the brewery in this area. The heat recovered from the brewhouse for instance, is used to keep the offices warm. Special attention has also been paid to the lamps and they have all been equipped with led bulbs. The recovery of waste water is another important part of the strategy.

This project started in 2012 with the installation of 950m2 of panels on the roof of the warehouse. This first initiative was carried out with other major investments aimed at modernizing the facilities and increasing the production capacity of the brewhouse. This new contribution demonstrates the willingness of owner Hugues Dubuisson and his team to pursue the ecological efforts.