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Scaldis Caractère

Introduced in 1933 under the name of “Bush Beer”, this is one of the oldest specialty beers in Belgium and the flagship brand of the Dubuisson Brasserie.

Scaldis Triple

The Scaldis Triple was introduced in 2008.
It is a Scaldis Blond that is re-fermented in 75cl bottles.

Scaldis Refermentée

Introduced in 2008 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Scaldis Amber, this Triple is based on the Scaldis Amber that is then re-fermented in 75cl bottles.

Scaldis Noël

The Scaldis Noël was introduced in 1991 to respond to consumer demands for the ideal beer to add lustre to their end-of-year celebrations.

Scaldis Triple

In 1998, Hugues Dubuisson introduced a new Scaldis aimed at lovers of blonde beer. The launch commemorated the 65th anniversary of the Scaldis Caractère, introduced to the market all those years ago by his grandfather, Alfred.

Scaldis Noël Premium

The Scaldis Noël Premium was introduced in 1991 to respond to the demands of consumers who wanted something special for their end-of-year celebrations.