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Prestige – Description

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Scaldis Prestige

The Scaldis Prestige is a Scaldis Caractère that, rather than maturing in stainless steel tanks, has spent six months finishing in oak barrels.

During the bottling process, small amounts of sugar and yeast are added to the beer so it re-ferments in the bottle during its stay in the brewery’s warm room. This develops the natural yeast cloud and gives the beer its exceptionally high alcohol volume of 13%.

Reviving the traditional use of oak barrels has introduced aromas and tannins that haven’t been experienced in beer for many years. Even the most demanding beer lover will be bowled over by these qualities. Think of the aromas of whisky and other spirits matured on oak coupled with an extraordinarily rounded character.

The Scaldis Prestige is an exceptional beer thanks to its rounded taste, its rich aromas, the exclusive bottle and the limited distribution.

The taste

The Scaldis Prestige is a beer with an outstandingly fruity aroma, with touches of red and black fruits such as blueberries, and a dominant impression of spices, vanilla and wood.

It tastes full in the mouth, is rounded, soft and exceptionally balanced.

The Scaldis Prestige is well-structured, with an alcohol content that is always present but never overpowering.

Type: Belgian Strong Ale| Color : Amber | % ABV: 13 | IBU: 26 | Plato: 24 Availability: One cuvée a year