The first Cuvée des Trolls animated movie

Brasserie Dubuisson is proud to share with you its very first animated movie A short movie of 30 seconds staging its famous Trolls in an incredible love story! A funy scenario corresponding to its little character, emblem of its pale yellow beer “Cuvée des Trolls”. An animated movie to consume without moderation! Don’t forget of […]

‘Trolls Penis’ cut off, Cuvée des Trolls sends warm wishes for a swift recovery!

On June 24th, the Norwegian ‘Trollpikken’ was vandalized. Joggers were appalled to discover the famous rock scattered on the ground. At Brasserie Dubuisson the news was also received with great sadness and anxiety. We immediately decided to help our Norwegian friend! When Trolline heard the sad news about the troll’s penis, she was in shock. […]