Scaldis Blond Triple

Very digestive beer with a delicate and slight bitterness

Type: pressed, hard, unpasteurized cheese / Example: Saint Nectaire

This beer offers a wide range of aromas and tastes. It makes a successful combination with the Saint Nectaire: an exceedingly creamy cheese with plenty of complexity and a broad palette of flavors

                                                                                                                         Pascal Fauville

Type: a white crusted cheese / Example: Keiems Bloempje

This blond, powerful, floral and fruity Triple makes a beautiful pairing with the mild and creamy flavors of this white-crusted cheese, made with raw milk. The Keiems Bloempje is produced by ‘t Dischhof in the Diksmuide area of West Flanders.

                                                                                                                      Harry Schockaert 

Recipe : Baked Cod Covered in a Layer of Melted Keiems Bloempje, Wild Mushrooms and Bacon in a Scaldis Blonde Triple sauce — Stefaan Couttenye

Ingredients :

  • Keiems Bloempje

  • cod

  • forest mushrooms

  • bacon

  • Scaldis Blonde Triple

  • fish stock

  • chopped

  • shallots

  • butter

  • potatoes

Instructions :

    1. Boil the potatoes and prepare a classic potato puree. Add the cheese and allow it to melt.
    2. Add the beer, the fish stock and the shallots and reduce by two-thirds. Blend in the butter to achieve a thick and glossy sauce
    3. Cook the bacon together with the mushrooms
    4. Fry the fish
    5. Arrange on the plate