Cuvée des Trolls

Full in the mouth, fruity aromas and barely bitter beer. It releases impressions of citrus and touches of green apple

Type: a white-crusted cheese / Example: Cru des Fagnes

This light, fresh, blond beer goes well with an equally light, fairly neutral cheese to achieve a great taste balance between beer and cheese.

                                                                                                                          Pascal Fauville

Type: a goat’s cheese / Example: Mothais sur feuille

The characteristic of this type of cheese, made from raw milk, is that it is laid down to mature on plantain or chestnut leaves. They give a specific, zesty flavor with nutty impressions. This fruity beer with its rather sweet taste feels at home in the company of this mild and creamy cheese.

Recipe : "Smoked salmon rolls filled with Mothais sur feuille and fresh garden herbs" — Stefaan Couttenye

Ingredients :

  • Mothais sur feuille

  • fresh garden herbs (chervil, dijl, tarragon, chives, etc.)

Instructions :

        1. Mix the cheese and the herbs in a blender
        2. Spread across the smoked salmon slices and roll up
        3. Cut into small rolls and arrange on a plate
        4. Add a few slices of orange, tangerine or grapefruit

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