Bush Caractère Refermentée

Beer in bittersweet taste, strong aromas malted of nuts

Type: semi hard of the abbey cheese type / Example: Pavé Bioferme

The Bush Caractère is a gentle and, rounded beer with plenty of a character and body. It is important to pair it with a dense cheese that tastes full in mouth, such as the Pavé Bioferme.

                                                                                                                           Pascal Fauville

Type: a hard sheep’s cheese / Example: Ossau Iraty

This strong and tasty cheese is characterized by its pronounced and nutty flavors. The powerful Bush Caractère Refermentée is the ideal match. Cheese flavors are re-enforced by the touches of nuts, malt and caramel in the beer, and the subtle balance between this sweet/bitter beer and the powerful cheese make this pairing look like a feast.

                                                                                                                         Harry Schockaert

Recipe : Puff pastry tart from the Ardennes with Pavé Bioferme — Pierre Résimont

Ingredients :

  • Bioferme cheese

  • puff pastry

  • Ardennes ham

  • curly-leaf lettuce

  • olive oil

  • sherry vinegar

  • sirop de liège
  • nuts

Instructions :

  1. Take a piece of puff pastry and place a slice of cheese and a slice of Ardennes ham on top. Cover with a second very thin piece of puff pastry
  2. Place in a waffle iron until the cheese has melted. Cut into a rectangular shape.
  3. To garnish: Arrange a small amount of curly-leaf lettuce on the plate and add olive oil, sherry vinegar and Sirop de Liège. Finish off with a sprinkling of nuts.