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Surfine – Description

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With the Surfine, we are reviving a brand which originates from the rich history of Brasserie Dubuisson.

The beer is a traditional Saison and a typical regional product from the Province of Hainaut.

It is brewed with 3 kinds of malt, 3 varieties of quality Belgian hops and fermented with 3 types of yeast.

The taste

The Surfine is a golden blonde beer with 6.5% alcohol by volume. This refreshing beer has a surprisingly balanced, slightly bitter taste. The aromas are strikingly complex and fruity aromas; citrus is the predominant note but there are flowery touches, reinforced by impressions of herbs and pepper.

At the first tasting, a drily bitter character comes to the fore, but it’s never overwhelming.

The aftertaste, with its slightly sour undercurrent, gives the beer a refreshing character and makes it easy to digest.

Storage advice: store upright at a temperature of 4°C (if stored lying down, wait 15 minutes before uncorking).

Type: Saison | Color: Golden blond | % ABV: 6.5 | IBU: 32 | Plato: 14 |Availability: Year round