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As explained elsewhere, the Brasserie Dubuisson prides itself on being the oldest family brewery still operating in Wallonia and also declares itself to be one of the most authentic. The Brasserie Dubuisson can use and abuse this slogan because it has, since the beginning, jealously maintained and consolidated the following values.


First of all, the Brasserie Dubuisson values its independence more than anything. As early as 1769, Armand Joseph Leroy, the brewery’s founder, left the lands of the Lord of Ghyssegnies where he was a brewer to make his own way. The successive managers have striven to keep the Brasserie exclusively in the bosom of the family and have always carefully avoided any external hold over their brewery. For this reason, the Brasserie must produce profits every year in order to continually invest in the production facilities and in means for commercial development. This furthermore requires constant stringency in the management of the company.

Company’s continuity

The company’s continuity is the daily concern of its managers. The concern of the successive managers of the Dubuisson brewery has always been to guarantee the continuity of the company and the continuation, against all the odds, of the brewery’s activity on the site. This has required sacrifices and a remarkable will, particularly to continue and start up again after the different occupations of the brewery by enemy forces in 1815, 1914 and 1940. Even though thousands of breweries halted their own activities, the Dubuisson family has always remained in operation. Today, it is stringent financial management (see above) that makes it possible to ensure the growth and the continuity of its.

Brewing 100% natural beers


The Dubuisson brewers are keen to defend the identity and the unique nature of their brewery and their beers within a market dominated by large brewing groups and flooded by a multitude of products. From this viewpoint, they confine themselves to a relatively limited range of beers, but beers that all display a very asserted character and personality. The Brasserie Dubuisson beers are noticeable by very marked aromas and flavours, without compromising or cutting corners. The “neutrality” and “smoothness” of flavours, aromas and tastes is not appreciated at Dubuisson. Each Dubuisson beer is a beer “with character” that the drinker will remember. While remaining true to the principles of traditional production, the Dubuisson brewery is constantly trying to improve the production process in order to meet the demands of customers that are spread out over every continent. All of the improvements are made using strictly 100% natural raw materials.


Controlling the production process from A to Z

From the very beginning, the Dubuisson brewers have always wanted to have 100% control over the production process for their beers. This means that they do not subcontract any activity of the brewer’s profession whatsoever and remain fully in control of the quality of their beers. Dubuisson controls every stage of the process from the selection of the raw materials to the final bottling. In 2007, the Brasserie Dubuisson furthermore invested in a brand new bottling line. Rather than outsourcing this activity, the Dubuisson brewery preferred to undertake this particularly heavy investment in order to be able to keep control over the quality of the finished product.


Until now, the Dubuisson brewers have always refused to bottle their beers under trademarks or labels other than their own. No private labels, no “label beers”; that has always been the Dubuisson credo. The consumer will therefore never find a Dubuisson beer under a label other than the Dubuisson labels. By managing without such volumes and therefore the resources that these volumes can generate, the Brasserie Dubuisson has firmly opted for authenticity and tradition, and thereby proves that it places respect for the consumer at the very top of its set of values.


Due to its age, its proven authenticity and its values that have been respected from the very beginning, the Dubuisson brewery deserves, like few other breweries, to be qualified as an authentic traditional Beligan brewery. As such it can pride itself on an authenticity that is at least as noteworthy as that of the Trappist breweries.
It is with this in mind that the Dubuisson brewery initiated the creation of the association of Belgian Family Brewers, which gathers together other Belgian breweries that share the same authenticity, the same Belgian tradition and the same values of tradition and respect for their consumers.